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"Studies in Public Law" (SPL) is a peer-reviewed legal journal published on a quarterly basis since 2013. It is affiliated with the Faculty of Law and Administration at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, published by the Adam Mickiewicz University Press. SPL is a journal open to knowledge and its practical value in the field of public law, with a clearly defined internal layout of content. It is a forum for academic debate on issues in public law regulated by national, regional and international law. SPL is addressed to Polish and foreign theorists and practitioners who submit the original results of their academic research in the form of articles, comments and polemical articles, as well as glosses. SPL is also open to authors' submissions of texts which are reviews of other legal scientific publications, reviews of Polish and foreign literature, and reports from scientific conferences (national and international).

SPL's language of publication is Polish and English.
ISSN 2300-3936; e-ISSN 2720-2445; DOI 10.14746/spp

The range and scope of the journal

The journal's encompasses public law issues, mainly in the fields of constitutional law, administrative law (general law, constitutional law, substantive law), administrative procedural law (general and specific proceedings), proceedings before administrative courts, public finances and financial law (including tax law), public business law, and international law, labour and social security law, agricultural law, environmental law, food law, criminal law and civil law. Each is dealt with in its public law aspect and with regard to the history of the political system, public law, science and administrative policy. This formula is broadened (where applicable to the research topic) by research on solutions from European Union law (primary and secondary legislation) and international documents.

The editors welcome submissions from other countries and states in Polish and English.

No charge is made for the submission of manuscripts for publication, the reviewing process and publication itself.


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Scientific Editor
Krystyna Wojtczak

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ISSN 2300-3936; e-ISSN 2720-2445

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History of the Journal

The founder of the scientific journal "Studies in Public Law" and its editor-in-chief and scientific editor is Prof. Krystyna Wojtczak, PhD (hab.). At the end of 2012, the Board of Publishers of Adam Mickiewicz University Press in Poznań included this journal in its publishing plan and registered it as a scientific journal of Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań. In 2013, the journal was registered at the District Court in Poznań by the First Civil Division by virtue of the decision to enter the journal titled "Studies in Public Law" into the Register of Journals and Magazines of the District Court in Poznań under the number 3129. Since that year SPL has been published on a quarterly basis. Between 2015 and 2018, "Studies in Public Law" was placed in part "B" of the list of scientific journals of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education with a 7-digit score for a scientific publication. Due to the wide range of issues and the cross-border dimension of public law issues, the journal has accepted publications from various and Polish and foreign academic centres, institutes and practitioners since its inception. This mission continues to be implemented nationally and internationally.