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"Studies in Public Law" is a quarterly launched in 2013 with an aim to present the processes of changes as well as the most recent trends in the organisation and functioning of public law.

Due to the complexity of public law regulation and its correlation with other fields of study (such as administrative sciences, economic law, or management), the scope of "Studies in Public Law" is very broad. It covers constitutional law, administrative law, administrative procedure and proceedings before administrative courts, public finances and financial law, international public law, public business law, labour law, social security law, agricultural law, environment protection law, food law, criminal law, international private law and other aspects of what is generally understood to be civil law (analysed from the point of view of public law), history of public law and its organisation, administrative law theory and policy as well as management in public administration. This rather broad formula for the content of papers published in the quarterly includes, where applicable, studies of solutions developed in the European Union law (primary and secondary legislation).

The quarterly is a research forum for both theoreticians and practitioners, providing them with an opportunity to present works in the theory of public law, research studies and research materials, studies in international and EU documents, discussions and analysis of court judgments, particularly judicial decisions of administrative courts, as well as studies on the activity of administering bodies (public administration) and entities being administered (addressees of administrative decisions) with regard to their role in solving practical issues.

"Studies in Public Law" welcomes submission of papers, commentaries, opinions, polemics, glosses and cases’ reports, Polish and foreign literature and books’ reviews as well as reports and information on academic activities from researchers and practitioners worldwide.

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